Sri Lanka. Carta dell'isola.



Il padre provinciale dei Gesuiti di Kandy (Ceylon) comunica la morte di Mons. Laudadio ai famigliari residenti in Italia.

Fatima Villa
Lewella, Kandy
3 ApriI 1969

Dear Relatives of Bishop Laudadio,
This is just a short note to give you some information of the last days of your
Brother, Mgr. Laudadio. He died very peacefully in Our Lord in Galle on the aftemoon of ApriI 1, 1969.
I had been in Galle the previous week for the ordination of one of our Jesuits and had a case to see the Bishop several times during the visit there. He had had a case of flu and was not too well. The doctors who were attending on him did not think that there was any cause of worry. One or another doctor saw him daily. Their only fear was that he might contract a case of pneumonia, which would be very serious for a man of his age.
When I left Galle on 27 March, the Bishop was much better and the doctor thought
that he would be out of bed soon.
Telecommunications between Galle and Kandy afe not very good, so it was only on
the 1st ApriI that I found that he had taken a turn for tthe worse and was fighting for his life. Shortly after I left Galle the Bishop dici in fact come down with a case of pneumonia. When the first calI got through to me on the 1st I was informed that he was in a very serious condition and was sinking. I made plans immediately to go to Galle.
Before I left the house, the message of his death came in.
When I arrived in Galle, just after mid-night between ApriI 1-2, his body was just being prepared. The present Bishop of Galle, Msgr. Antony De Saram, his secretary, the Rector of the College, and two or three other priests and several Nuns were at the Home for the Aged where the Bishop was staying. The body was laid out that morning, and at 8 a.m. on the morning of ApriI 2nd we transferred the body to the community chapev of the Jesuit College, where it will lie in state until Easter Monday, ApriI 7th when Bishop Laudadio will be burried in the Cathedral at Galle: the Cathedral that was his own for more than 30 years.
The delay till the 7th, which is quite difficult here in tropical countries, is necessary to allow the other Bishops of the Island and the priests and people of the Galle Diocese to attend the funeral.
I will ask someone to send a fuller account of the death and the funeral when I
return to Galle for the funeral, but I did want to send to all of you my own short account and my sympathy on the death of your brother. May God give him the tremendous reward his labours in Ceylon deserve.

Sincerely in Christ,

W. H. Moran,S. J. Provincial